Art inspired by illustrator Leslie Staub (“Whoever You Are” – Mem Fox)

After reading the book Whoever You Are by Mem Fox, Ms. Oates‘ students studied the illustrations of artist Leslie Staub.  Here are examples of the artwork produced by sixth graders in the style of Leslie Staub. Note: The original artwork is framed on all four sides but was “cropped” during the process of scanning.

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Quebec Curriculum
English Language Arts To represent her/his literacy in different media Visual Arts To appreciate works of art, traditional artistic objects, media images, personal productions and those of classmates

8 responses to “Art inspired by illustrator Leslie Staub (“Whoever You Are” – Mem Fox)

  1. These pictures are wonderful. I would have been super proud to make them myself. Thank you for looking so carefully at the book.

    If you have any questions about illustrating books or about WHOEVER YOU ARE please email me. I will be happy to answer.

    Wishing you all every happiness in the whole wide world.

    Leslie Staub

    • Thank you for taking your time to comment on our art we really appreciate it. The message your pictures sent were really clear and we loved reading the book and looking at these beautiful illustrations. But I have only one question, what inspired you to make these illustrations?
      Thank you,

    • oceanne and genevieve

      Thank you for appreciating our art it was very amusing making it . I loved reading your book I thought it was colorful , joyful and we learned alot about that type of art .

      Oceanne and Genevive

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for your comment and offer to correspond – it’s always exciting to hear from professional artists.
    I will pass your message on to the teacher – Ms. Oates – who is in charge of this project.
    Evelyn Yvonne Theriault
    Site administrator

  3. Your illustrations are amazing! I’m not a good illustrator, so I’m surprised mine even looks remotely like the ones in “Whoever You Are”.

    Ireland : )

  4. Hello,
    We had a lot of fun doing the art,
    It would be fun to meet him again!
    Thanks, for posting our images here : )
    And, nice book by the way. When i babysit, sometimes i read it to them. They enjoy it.
    The pictures are nicelly drawn too.

  5. Hello!

    the class and me really enjoyed doing the art …and i have your book at home and i read it alot to myu baby cousine and she really likes it …. are you going to make an other book because i like the book and how you draw the picturs !! so i hope you make an other book and thank you for the comment

  6. Hello,

    I’ve never thought I would say this but it
    is very cool have you “Leslie Staub” writting us a comment on how nice our piece of art is .
    Well i have to go thanks again…


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