Justin Wonnacutt Visits St-Lawrence School

Artist Justin Wonnacott is traveling across Canada to chronicle the art projects of hundreds of students who have benefited from the ArtsSmarts grants that bring artists like Sylvain Rivard into our classrooms. He dropped by St-Lawrence School earlier this week  to document the mask and petroglyph projects of some of our grade 5 and 6 classes.  Wonnacott is a photographer/artist and a professor of   Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa.


ExpressionArts will be back next year!

St Lawrence @ ArtsSmarts = WOW!

Colour-wheel Kites | Expressionarts

Mrs. Greer’s class created kite-collages while studying the colour-wheel and learning about warm and cool colours. Continue reading

Le Pacoligan

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French As A Second Language   |  Music  To appreciate musical works, personal productions, and those of classmates

Les Animaux Du Quebec | Diorama

Science et technologie

Sylvain Rivard Visits Mrs. Theriault’s Class | Notes from student journals

On January 19th, 2010,  a special guest came in our class. His name is Sylvain Rivard and he works for ArtsSmarts. He is an Amerindian (Native American). He taught us about art and he surprised me by all the new stuff he taught us.

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I will remember how the Natives were painting by crushing red ochre, black, yellow ochre and white rocks that make power and then they used bear fat and mixed it. | I didn’t know that we could actually make paint so easily. I thought that we had to buy it at the store.  |  What I remember from today is that we learned how to draw in Native American art … We actually got to paint the way people did a thousand years ago. It’s super cool. First we take coal that’s black. We crush the coal and make a colour black. So we crack the egg. We take the white Continue reading